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Faecal Sludge Management

The first certificated e-learning course on faecal sludge management. 

What is this course about?

The Faecal Sludge Management FSM online course addresses the planning and organization of the entire faecal sludge management service chain, from collection, transportation and end-use or disposal of treated sludge including institutional and financial aspects, as well as providing guidance on how to plan a city-level faecal sludge management project with the involvement of all stakeholders. 

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Professional career

Enhance your professional career. Be an ideal candidate for a higher role in your workplace.


Build a global network with the e-learning alliance partners and FSM professionals worldwide.

Career path

Optain insight and knowledge on FSM before deciding your career path

Course Structure


Keynote speakers

Introduction to FSM

Characterization of Faecal Sludge

Methods and Meand of Transport 

Treatment Technologies

Treatmment Mechanisims

Settling Basins and Drying Beds


End-use of Treatment Products

Management in FSM

Operation and Maintenance

Institutional Frameworks

Financial Transfers and Responsibility

Assessment of the Initial Situation

Planning of Integrated FSM Systems

Introduction to FSM Toolbox


The FSM online course is based on he book published by IWA: 
Faecal Sludge Management, systems approach for implementation and operation 

AIT FSM course team

Certification & More

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Register participant who doesn't complete the course. 

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Attendance Member

Participant who has completed all assignments.

Certificate of attendance

Completion Member

Participant who has completed all assignments and final exam.

Certificate of completion

Certificates are issued by the Asian Institute of Technology.

All registered participants will be part of the Global Faecal Sludge Management e- Learning Alliance.

Have a look to one of our case studies!

Anaerobic Digestion and Sand Beds Nonthaburi, Thailand

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